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Featured Coffee - Maple Pecan

Coffee of the month - AWESOME Coffee
This is the great Maple Pecan flavored blend. It is one of the favorites! It has a smooth blend of Pecan flavoring with the sweet aftertaste that Maple brings to the cup. You will really love and enjoy this coffee. Click here to order your Featured Coffee today!

Our coffee is one of the finest cups of coffee you will ever taste. We start this quality process with our coffee bean selection. Only the best coffee beans are good enough to for the B and E name! Once we have the finest coffee beans, we roast the coffee in small batches to ensure that special touch from our roastmaster. Once the coffee is roasted, we allow it to cool to the perfect temperature before we package the coffee. We have specially designed bags to allow the coffee to breath out, yet the coffee is protected from air getting into the coffee.

This coffee selection, roasting and packaging process ensures that what you taste is the best possible cup of coffee. We work hard to make sure that you have the highest quality coffee that you deserve (and we know you will look forward to).

We follow a similar quality focused process for our teas. We also sell teas from some of the top brands that you have heard such as Teaology and Numi. We are just as committed to giving you the highest quality teas as we are about our coffees. We hope you will try both are coffees and our teas and that you will love what you taste. Once you have tried these premium cofffees and teas, you will be back for more! Our online ordering system makes it so simple for you to get that great coffee delivered directly to your door.

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